$job->load($type, $destination, $options);
  • $type: the type of the loader (table, etc).
  • $destination: the destination of the data (table_name, etc).
  • $options: an array containing the loader options.



$job->load('table', $destination, $options);


Name Type Default Description
connection string 'default' Name of the database connection.
keys array|string ['id'] List of primary keys or identifiers of the table.
insert boolean true Insert rows that are in the source but not in the destination table.
update boolean true Update rows (based on primary_key option) that are in both source and destination and have new values from the source.
delete boolean|string false Delete rows that are in destination table but not in the source. If set to soft, the row will not be deleted and the column deleted_at will be set to the current timestamp.
skipDataCheck boolean false Do not check table current data before insert, update and delete statements execution.
forceUpdate boolean false Do not check for differences between source and destination when updating.
timestamps boolean false Use created_at and updated_at columns when inserting or updating.
transaction boolean|int 100 Transaction size. Set to false to execute statements without transactions.


Load data to a database table:

$job->load('table', 'table_name');

Load data to a database table using timestamps and custom primary key:

$options = [
    'timestamps' => true,
    'keys' => ['id', 'company_id']

$job->load('table', 'table_name', $options);